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New Year, New Opportunity to Change Lives

The New Year is a common time for people to make resolutions. It's natural to want to be better personally and not accept the status quo. Moline Regional Community Foundation is fortunate to collaborate with many wonderful individuals, families, and organizations throughout the Region whose giving changes lives and improves our communities daily. Their steady, daily commitment to positive change is truly amazing.  


A study from Scranton University found that only 19% of people keep their resolutions, and most give up halfway through January. The problem is not willpower but how we approach our New Year's resolutions. We see a "problem," whether it is our waistline or how much time we spend on our phone, and then we imagine lofty goals to conquer it all at once. Gyms are full of people training ferociously in early January. Psychology Today suggests that goals in and of themselves are not enough to keep us going. We need to create long-term routines that become automatic. It is better to do a short workout every day than to extend ourselves in the first few weeks of January.

Moline Regional Community Foundation can apply this long-term approach goal to the work of our local nonprofit partners. They understand the step-by-step routines to reach their goals. Please visit the Changing Lives section of our website, where you can scroll through videos highlighting many of the wonderful groups that improve their clients' lives. Then please consider giving a small recurring donation, it will make a much bigger difference than you may realize.


Look around your community, find the issues you care about, and make giving a regular part of your routine, whether through a donation or volunteering. When it becomes a routine, you can change lives and our community. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2024!

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