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Paul Plagenz - President / CEO

President / CEO's Welcome



 Once you decide yes,  today is the day I want to make a positive difference; consider us your professional, philanthropic resource.   


A community foundation offers numerous funds tailored to meet your philanthropic goals. Additionally, various ways to make donations include cash, securities, IRA distributions, life insurance, estate plans, and more…     


​I am honored to lead the Moline Regional Community Foundation, which, in partnership with many thoughtful donors, is taking action to improve our community today and tomorrow.


While you peruse our website, please watch the inspirational stories of people like you who are following their hearts by giving back to our community.


Then reach out, and let's talk about how you can change the world.  


​​Best regards,




Paul Plagenz

President / CEO


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed,

it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead


Our History
One Simple Action.

In 1953, Robert K. Swan had a dream for his hometown of Moline, Illinois. As a successful business owner (Moline Heating & Construction Company), he wanted to create a better quality of life for those in the community he loved.

By providing a generous gift of $350,000 to establish The Moline Foundation (now Moline Regional Community Foundation), Swan envisioned helping those in need during his time and into the future.

This original donation has awarded more than $46 Million in grants to various charitable organizations addressing our community's greatest challenges. Swan's foresight to set up the fund as unrestricted has allowed local community leaders to support various changing needs financially.


Swan's generosity inspired more than 100 additional funds from like-minded citizens. These philanthropic people are now part of our region's growing history of caring for their neighbors and community.

Thank you, Robert K. Swan, for your dream. Your giving in action inspires us to continue creating a better quality of life for our region and our future.

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