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The Best Way To Predict The Future

While visiting with students and donors during the scholarship awards reception, I realized that I may have missed a great opportunity to share Abraham Lincoln's sage advice: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  

Listening and watching this congenial and authentic connection between generations reminded me how hope is one of the strongest human feelings.  Donors want to invest in the future and often honor a classmate, educator, or family member with their scholarship.  Students share their plans and aspirations with genuine honesty and optimism.  

Being in the company of many hopeful people showed me that giving is deeply personal and simply courageous.  Personal because it confirms your belief in a better tomorrow and is courageous as you take action on this belief.

Please follow this link to learn about how an endowed scholarship works and for pictures of this year’s recipients. 

Best Regards.

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