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Partnering for a Better Tomorrow

The National Philanthropic Trust notes: “more than 30% of US adults formally volunteered last year. Additionally, $499.33 Billion was donated to nonprofits, with individuals comprising the majority (64%), or $319.3 Billion.”

Giving is deeply personal. You take action by volunteering and financially supporting the causes and nonprofit organizations you genuinely care about. Finding your purpose brings meaning and health to your life, and your generosity creates a better community to live, work, and play in.

Two dozen local nonprofits have established a Nonprofit Partner Fund at the Moline Regional Community Foundation to improve our community. These endowed funds are invested, creating reliable permanent operating support through annual payouts.

Does the local nonprofit(s) you care for have an endowment? If yes, please consider a planned gift through your will or estate provision. If not, is it time to inquire to their leadership about the opportunity to establish a more secure financial future?

Thank you for volunteering, donating, and caring for our community!


-Paul Plagenz

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