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College Bound? Joining a Trade?

Moline Regional Community Foundation offers 22 Scholarship Opportunities to supplement your tuition or educational needs. Interested? Apply here: Logon - Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (

In 2023, 30 Students from the region received 34 scholarships, and they are all on their way to becoming educated, productive members of society. The generous donors of these scholarships provided $59,650 for these awards.

Moline Regional Community Foundation (Formally known as The Moline Foundation) started giving scholarships in 1985 and has since advanced to 22 unique opportunities, including one for military veterans who have served 180 days for our country. Visit our website to view the stories about our donors In Action | Moline Regional Comm (, and if you are so inclined, please support our students in their endeavor to learn and succeed. Donate here: Moline Regional Community Foundation (

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